This article originates from Marquis' presentation at the Revenue Marketing Summit in New York, 2022.

Before we dive into account-based marketing (ABM), I'll briefly introduce myself. I’m Marquis Green, Senior Manager of Account-Based Marketing within the Marketing Strategy department at LSEG. LSEG stands for London Stock Exchange Group.

It's a new brand that we're growing, but at the base of it is the London Stock Exchange – a 300-year-old entity focused on global financial markets.

Essentially, we provide data, analytics, tools, and technology for banks and other financial institutions – government entities, pension funds, you name it – within the financial services ecosystem.

They're our clients, they're our customers, and so account-based marketing has become more and more relevant for us over time. Because of the breadth of accounts and the geographic coverage that we have, we need to be able to prioritize certain accounts.

In this article, I’ll be covering:

  • The nuances of account-based marketing
  • Why businesses today need to pay attention to ABM
  • How we do ABM at LSEG
  • ABM partners with strategic account program teams
  • Our partnership with sales
  • How to build a customer and data-led ABM strategy in six steps
  • How we align our ABM success with the three R’s

The nuances of account-based marketing

Account-based marketing is a pretty nuanced strategy, and what it looks like depends on what your goals are. If your firm’s goal is to retain at-risk accounts, you may build your ABM program around those accounts.