Uncertainty, the fear of the unknown, they hang over everyone, but business leaders more than most. How can you predict how markets will react to a product, or what the economy will do in the next five years? Sadly, you can’t see the future.

But what you can do is give yourself the best possible preparation and advantages to ride out the storm and make sure your company survives the traps and pitfalls of the free market.

That’s where the C-suite Masterclass comes in.

8️⃣ hours of on-demand content

7️⃣ discussion sessions

6️⃣ live classes

2️⃣ hours of social activities

1️⃣ guided reflective journal

👩‍🎓 All adds up to an official certification from a leading education provider.

There’s no one way to lead, which is why this course fosters open discussions led by C-suite members with decades of experience. In conversation with these experts, you’ll gain the confidence and know-how to develop your own watertight leadership style.

This course provides you with the theoretical and practical knowledge to fast-track into the C-suite role of your choice, don’t miss this opportunity to make your mark.

Program overview

Through the C-suite Masterclass, you’ll gain the strategies, insights and skills you need to become a successful leader and hold your own at the C-suite level. Over the course of four months, you’ll sit down with current C-suite execs and your peers to evaluate what it means to lead. Plus, you’ll have access to extensive frameworks and case studies to support your learning.

You’ll develop your leadership abilities, gain an understanding of the unique challenges faced by C-suite level executives, and master the skills you need to drive results, inspire your teams and achieve your career aspirations.

What should you expect?

🎓Live masterclasses with leading experts.

📣Facilitated discussion and debate sessions.

🕐OnDemand content you can access any time.

🤳Grow your network with social activities.

📓Reflect on your learning with the guided journal.

🧑‍💻Test your understanding with a 60 question exam.

You’re in very good hands

You’ll be taught by experts like:

Plus, new speakers are added each week.

How it works

By taking this course, you’ll:

  • Obtain practical tools and techniques for honing your leadership abilities.
  • Understand the unique challenges facing C-suite executives.
  • Gain the knowledge and skills you need to advance in your career.
  • Stay current by keeping up with the latest trends and leadership best practices.
  • Network with peers and learn from a variety of experiences.
  • Drive business results by improving the performance of your organization.

We do team rates too - we’ve got you covered if you're looking to get a team of three or more product pricing certified, then speak to Tom about team rates at t.madden@productledalliance.com

What you’ll accomplish

By the end of this course you’ll:

  • Develop exemplary skills required for C-suite execs, including resilience, prioritization, time-keeping, business strategies, investment, decision making, budgets, and emotional intelligence.
  • Identify the success factors and key components of ‘disruptive leadership’ and a change management approach.
  • Identify how organizations achieve hard-to-imagine results in uncertain and volatile times.
  • Be able to navigate important leadership issues that are often overlooked, like maintaining your mental health, hurdling imposter syndrome, and managing your work/life balance.


Who is this course for?

This is for Director and VP-level professionals who wish to, or are expecting to, transition into a C-Suite leadership role.

But, if you’re a newly appointed C-suiter who’s keen to explore how other like-minded professionals have led teams or sustained organizational performance levels, then you’ll thrive in this program, too.

How does the course work?

This masterclass spans a four-month period. So, alongside the modules, there’ll be interactive sessions wherein you can listen to different viewpoints from C-suite executives, and discuss questions with them afterward. Once the modules are complete, you’ll have some exams and assignments to complete to pass (more info on this is below).

How long will the course take to complete?

This course is designed to be equal parts comprehensive and comprehensible. Between the modules, discussions, and exams, it will take approximately 25 hours to complete.

How do I pass this program?

In order to pass this program, you’ll be asked to complete a short exam, two practical tasks, and one written assignment from a list of topics. Then, you’ll present your findings from this assignment to a panel of experts after the program has ended.

How long will I have access to the course content?

Always and forever! One payment gives you permanent access to our C-suite masterclass’s course content… and future updates and templates. 😎