This article is based on a presentation from Future of SaaS Festival 2022. Jessica is now Senior Director of Growth at Linktree.

Hi there! I'm Jessica Box, Head of Growth at Linktree, and I’m really excited to share how Linktree has grown from zero to 12 million users in less than four years and the incredible learnings I've had along the way.

Let’s start with the basics. What is Linktree? Linktree is the only link you'll ever need. And no, it's not an actual tree. It’s a market-leading linking platform that was the first of its kind, creating an entirely new category in tech.

With over half a billion visitors per month and 30,000 signups per day, we're allowing users to curate a singular destination with what's most important to them in real time.

The world's biggest influencers and creators, from Selena Gomez to Arnie (I encourage you to check out his Linktree – it's pretty epic), as well as big brands like HBO and TikTok, are using Linktree to connect their followers to their entire online ecosystem.

So how did we get here? I'll be covering lessons and failures to avoid at each stage of the growth journey, including…

  • Zero to 2 million users – the seed years
  • 2 to 5 million users – the seedling years
  • 5 to 12 million users – the sapling years
  • 12-plus million users – the mature years
How did we get here?

Zero to 2 million users: Build the right thing

Build the right thing. Sounds simple, doesn't it? So why isn't everyone doing it? As I'm sure you’re aware, this is the foundational building block of design thinking that feeds into creating your product strategy.

I cannot stress enough that if you don't focus your product strategy on solving customer problems early on, you won't have a later on.