Hi, we’re Amanda Ellsworth, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Workiva, and Ernest Anunciacion, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Workiva, and we’re super excited to chat with you today about something that we are very passionate about: Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy.

First off, we're going to define what a GTM strategy is, and then we want to give you some tangible best practices that you can take back to your organization.

The areas that we'll focus on are effective product launches, leveraging data (one of our favorite things), a persona-based approach to messaging, and finally, the soft skills that drive GTM strategy.

In this article we’ll focus on:

  • What Go-to-Market strategy is
  • Go-to-Market launch best practices
  • The intricacies of Go-to-Market
  • Why the data doesn’t lie
  • How to nail the persona-based approach
  • How to build a persona kit