Go-to-Market Alliance

Go-to-market strategy

The home of every resource your business needs to successfully go-to-market

Departments we cater for

Collaboration is fundamental for a successful go-to-market strategy. Align and up-skill all your departments with our dedicated courses, focused on:

  • Product Marketing
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Success
  • Finance

Courses we offer

GTM Academy courses consolidate everything you need for a successful go-to-market strategy in one place. Here are just some of the topics we cover:

  • Product Marketing core
  • Product led strategy
  • Sales enablement
  • Customer success

Why Go-to-Market Academy?


These are the core foundations of the Go-to-Market Academy and what sets us apart from other companies. If all of your departments are going to different training providers, they may well end up working at cross purposes. By bringing all of your training together under one roof the Go-to-Market Academy will optimize the potential of your business.

Our courses are written by leading industry experts with years of real world experience behind them. We provide usable, transferable templates and frameworks built by specialists who live and breathe all things GTM.

Each training course has been designed to align all of your departments under one framework and mission while guaranteeing a consistent, high quality standard of practice across your business. The learning materials we provide are immediately usable, so your employees can take their new certification straight from the classroom to the boardroom.

The results

Under the Go-to-Market Academy your teams will master the skills they need to navigate any product launch in a fast-paced and ever-changing marketplace. Expect up-skilled and adaptable employees, seamless collaboration and a strong, agile go-to-market strategy that takes your business to the next level.