GTMA Tools of Choice survey


Our Go-to-Market Tools of Choice report is coming up this year, but first…

We’d love your input!

From sales enablement to marketing automation tools, we want to know what the industry standard is for GTM experts across the world.

In this report, our aim is to find out which tools are a must for developing and sustaining a successful GTM strategy at every stage. Whether you’re at the very start of your strategy or aiming to align more effectively with your cross-functional teams, we want to know all about the tools that have made your work a little easier.

What can you expect?

First and foremost, this survey focuses on the tools you currently use. Our questions are super straightforward, for example:

  • We’ll ask for the tool’s name.
  • What this tool does/is for.

We’ll also have an option for you to nominate your organization’s own tool or one we haven’t listed. We want our GTM Tools of Choice report to be as comprehensive as possible to highlight those must-have tools that have become indispensable to your day-to-day.

What’s this report for?

In short, we want to know how and why these are your tools of choice! Our GTM Tools of Choice report is here to:

  • Help GTM professionals confidently choose from a directory of valuable tools. By gathering expert-level insights, we hope to showcase the best tools out there today for GTM use in the future.
  • Help you make informed decisions by only including industry-approved tools. That is, what you’ll see on this list is not just fit for a role in your cross-functional GTM team but also tried and tested by GTM teams elsewhere.
  • Save you some time on researching which tools are right for you. Our report will provide a detailed breakdown of each tool in one convenient place so you can return to this guide whenever you want to pick up on your research process.