Your value proposition is an essential piece in the Go-to-Market puzzle. Anyone who reads it should know exactly what your business is, who it's for and what sets it apart from your competition. The tricky part? It’s also a concise statement of no more than a few sentences.

Packing all that key info into such a short statement is challenging. Ensuring that it does your company and product justice at the same time is even harder. Plus, the value proposition can be a real make and break. Get it right, and you’ll have a really strong asset at the core of your Go-to-Market strategy. Get it wrong, and you risk alienating a lot of potential customers.

But not to worry, we’re making it easy for you to nail your value proposition and ensure a strong heart to your strategy. Our value proposition template makes sure you hit every key piece of information in a concise statement. It's a foolproof guide to building the value proposition your Go-to-Market strategy deserves.

Better yet? It’s completely free. All that stands between you and your template is the world’s shortest form.

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Your ultimate guide to creating a value proposition
A value proposition communicates how your product or service will benefit your customer. You need to outline why your product is essential for your target segment, how it will solve their pain points, and why your product is more desirable than others on the market.