In an oversaturated product market, your prospective buyers have more choice than ever before. Getting a customer to actually make a decision, never mind the decision to buy from you, is challenging. So how can you overcome that indecisiveness and actually make sales?

Well, our guest this week literally wrote the book on it. Several books to be exact. Matt Dixon, Founder of DCM Insights and co-author of bestsellers including The Challenger Sale and The Effortless Experience, is here to help you overcome buyer indecision and find new ways to drive growth.

In this episode, we’re covering:

  • How do we define customer indecision?
  • Which indicators of customer indecision should you look out for?
  • What is the JOLT Effect framework?
  • How can we use customer indecision to improve Go-to-Market?
  • Matt’s advice for getting started with customer indecision.

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‎Business · 2023

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