This article was adapted from Jony’s talk at the Product Marketing Summit in Toronto.

Hi, my name is Jony Tabuteau, and I'm the Senior Product Marketing Manager for Xero. I have the privilege of leading a team of product marketing managers across the US and Canada.

My team is essentially responsible for helping to accelerate Xero’s growth in North America, and that's what I'm excited to talk to you about today: the role that product marketing plays in growth.

I'll be focusing on a variety of topics, including:

  • The complexities of growth
  • Regional product marketing: How product marketers can lean in
  • Three ways product marketing shapes new markets
  • How a customer-first approach will enable you to succeed
Venn diagram showing the sweet spot at the intersection of strategy, product, and go-to-market

Now, product marketing varies a lot depending on the company you work for and the stage of growth you're in.

I believe that it can add the most value when it sits at the intersection of three worlds: strategy, product, and go-to-market. What I love about product marketing is it allows you to use all the skill sets from those three areas.

Product marketers do a lot of different things, from product launches to positioning to adoption, but one area I think we can play an even more important role is expanding into new markets. That’s because sitting at the intersection of a lot of key teams gives us a unique perspective.