Did you know only 33% of PMMs have a defined Go-to-Market strategy? At Go-to-Market Alliance, we don’t think that’s good enough. There’s a lot of confusion around what Go-to-Market is, who does it and how it benefits growth and revenue. We’re here to change that.

Welcome to the first and only comprehensive cross-functional Go-to-Market playbook. In these pages, you’ll find everything you need to build a winning Go-to-Market team and a killer strategy. With this playbook, we’re offering you a framework for a repeatable, scalable and aligned GTM strategy that’ll grow with your business.

What’s included:

  • Tried and true strategies for building cross-functional teams.
  • Insights from industry leaders, including current CMOs.
  • A step-by-step guide to the stages of Go-to-Market.
  • The most important metrics for your stakeholders (and how to achieve them!).
  • Tactical launch strategies to save you time and resources.

What’s in it for you?

How are you supposed to get results when you don’t have a recorded process, clear project ownership or aligned teams? It’s time to get the strategy you deserve.

Nearly every team in an organization plays a role in Go-to-Market. With a project of this size and scale, it’s not surprising that many businesses have a hard time pinning down and defining a strategy.

Cross-functional working and alignment are core foundations of an effective GTM strategy, which is why this playbook puts a spotlight on how you can promote alignment between your teams and build it into your processes.

In this playbook, you’ll find actionable advice on how and when to include cross-functional working into your Go-to-Market strategy. We break down the stages of the Go-to-Market process and show you how alignment can be applied and benefit you at each stage.

The pages of this playbook are packed with strategy ideas, and you’ll also find advice from GTM experts who’ve established alignment in their own businesses.

One of the key obstacles to cross-functional alignment is a lack of understanding between teams. We remedy that with a run down of the key challenges and metrics for your teams and how they can best be supported to contribute effectively to Go-to-Market.

With this playbook in your back pocket, you’ll be able to build your own repeatable and scalable Go-to-Market strategy which prioritizes cross-functional working and puts the focus on solving customer needs and improving revenue and growth.