In our efforts to create the most comprehensive research-led reports year-round, we’re introducing our first-ever master survey. 

Combining all the essential questions from our State of and Salary reports, this survey focuses on industry-pressing topics to help us produce several reports led by your expert knowledge. 

What’s more, by keeping it in one place, you can take less time to fill out our survey and still provide the ever-valuable insights we need to craft our very best. 

Why not have your say?

Why should you take this survey?

Essentially, to help us bring you the most up-to-date Go-to-Market research. 

And, ultimately, we can’t write these reports without your help!

So we’ve kept our biggest surveys in one place to make things easier for you. Help us conduct the same, high-quality research we've done for previous reports and make your mark by taking our survey! 👇

What’s in it for you

With your insights, we’ll look closely at some of the following:

  • Average global salaries (for you to benchmark your own),
  • How your team compares to others in the Go-to-Market space,
  • Which tools are indispensable for your GTM teams,
  • How you determine the success of your GTM process,
  • How leaders feel about the future of GTM,
  • And the impact of GTM budgets across industries.

Based on the results, we’ll create two reports you can download for free and use to determine how much you earn and where you stand relative to your peers, where the future of GTM is heading, or even rethink your GTM process.