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Want more resources on how to make your product launches a success? Here's some further reading.

The tiers of Go-to-Market launches
While you may assume bigger is better, when it comes to product launches this isn’t always the case. Effectively scaling a launch can make or break a company, so you have to be tactical or risk over launching, putting your budget, resources and customer retention on the line.
A guide to successful product launches through collaboration and positioning
In today’s competitive market, the success of a product launch hinges on a blend of collaboration and impactful positioning. This article provides insights into two key aspects: establishing transparent roles and responsibilities and fostering cross-team collaboration.
How to conduct market research for Go-to-Market
Market research is what you do to understand the competitive environment and overall market that your company operates within. This allows you to position your new product more effectively once it’s released to the public. Here’s the why, what, and how of market research.