Our Salary Report is live!

Thanks to the invaluable insights of over 100 GTM experts worldwide, we’ve created a comprehensive report that covers everything from salary by team size to compensation by gender, location, and job title. We explore all this and more to see what exactly impacts yearly income and how you compare to your peers in the GTM space. 

More importantly, our aim is to provide some transparency on how much GTM professionals are earning and help you navigate today’s competitive world. 

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A sneak peek of what’s inside:

Well, based on results from GTM professionals who took our survey, we discovered:

  • Our remote-working respondents earn, on average, $42,039 more per year than those who work hybrid roles. 
  • 59% of respondents said salary does not reflect their job role.
  • Overall, when asked if respondents felt satisfied with their annual income, 68.17% said they were. 
  • Participants with over 10+ years of GTM experience earn on average $86,877 more than those with a year's experience. 

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What we asked and what you can expect

To ensure we were creating a truly inclusive and comprehensive report, we focused on several key questions, some of which were:

  • What is total yearly compensation before taxes,
  • If participants felt satisfied with their salary,
  • How many team members they manage or collaborate with,
  • What benefits their company provides,
  • And what they would change about their role or compensation.

Beyond these main questions, we also deep-dive into specifics and break down each point to provide as many different perspectives as possible. 

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