The AI for Go-to-Market Playbook


AI has seeped into virtually every industry, quickly becoming a standard for those looking to adapt to or innovate new working modes.

Whether you’re at early-stage adoption or you’ve already implemented AI tools into your workflow, our newest playbook explores the impact of AI in Go-to-Market motions. 

From streamlining processes to enhancing human creativity, there are several ways in which new tools have facilitated our day-to-day work. But what exactly does AI mean for the future of GTM?

Through discussions with industry leaders and what they think automated tools will bring to the GTM space, we've created a comprehensive guide to help future GTMs embrace change and discover new ways of engaging with AI.

Download your copy and see what some of our amazing contributors had to say. 🚀

What you can expect

Some of our playbook's main topics tackle today's most trending discussions around AI, from ethical considerations to responsible use.

Our contributors also share their unique insights on the following topics:

  • The benefits and pitfalls of AI,
  • How to enable teams to adopt AI tools,
  • Why GTM could benefit from more automated processes,
  • And potential challenges at the time of AI tool adoption. 

Unlock this expert-level advice by downloading our playbook.👇

A special thank you to our sponsor and contributors

Derek Osgood, Founder & CEO of Ignition

Jonathan Kvarfordt, Founder at GTM AI Academy, Head of GTM Revenue Enablement and Product Marketing at Simetrik

Simone Silva-Lysko, Go-to-Market Manager at MINICLIP

Anne Hunter, Senior Vice President (B2B Products and Go-to-Market) at Ipsos

Zohe Mustafa, Fractional CMO / CTO / CGO, Founder at Hakka

Aleksandr Seygarov, Product Marketing Manager at Space307

Brian Grogan, MSW, MBA, Principal GTM Operations at HUMAN

Darren Fanton, CEO at Screenspace

TJ Ross, Chief Product Officer at Betterpool

Vinesha Frey, Director of Product at StoneEagle

With your invaluable insights, we've created a playbook that will hopefully inform and inspire our wonderful GTM community to learn more about AI and how it can enhance (but never replace!) human ingenuity.

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