No product is created in a vacuum. It’s how you position yourself relative to the competition that truly matters.

If you’re to carve out your own competitive niche and defend it, you’ll need to scout the environment, pick an advantageous position, and make sure the market knows that spot belongs to you.

In the Competitive Positioning Playbook, we show you how.

How this playbook can help you

Grab your playbook today to learn:

👷 How to blend CI and customer research for a rock-solid positioning strategy.

🙅‍♀️ The three steps you must not skip in crafting competitive positioning.

🪛 A top-to-bottom tear down of the positioning process, and how CI fits in.

🏹 How to use competitive positioning to shatter your org’s revenue ceiling.

What’s inside your playbook?

Want a peek behind the curtain? Here’s a look at what’s covered inside. 👀

  • Why you should position competitively.
  • What ‘minimum viable positioning’ is and why you should work towards it.
  • The competitive positioning process, from foundations to deliverables.
  • How to reposition when things aren’t working.
  • How to get buy-in across your organization.

Plus, you’ll hear from some of the best in competitive intelligence and product marketing, as they share their insights on the competitive positioning process.

Our guest experts include: 🎓

  • Alex McDonnell - Competitive Intel & Product Marketing at Airtable.
  • Keith Brooks - CMO and VP of Product Marketing at B2B Whisperer.
  • Kevin Chan - Manager, Products & Solutions Marketing at Hootsuite.
  • Matthew Tyrer - Head of Competitive Intelligence at Commvault.
  • Mitchell Comstock - Sr. Product Marketing Manager at LeadIQ.

And many more…