The Partner-Led Growth Playbook


😵‍💫 Launched a product but need to rethink your post-launch plans for maximum impact?

😨 Looking to scale quickly but have limited resources?

🤝 What about building trust and awareness with customers in an entirely new market?

The answer could be in the strategic and mutually beneficial partnerships you build and nurture.

After all, a growing network = better business strategies.

"The key reason why... ecosystems are popular is because no single entity can offer everything to everyone, so creating a partner ecosystem or being a part of one helps."
- Sarah Kaur

Ecosystem-led growth is about those joint efforts that can help smaller companies market their services more efficiently, and newer companies build stronger reputations. Equally, they can help enterprises innovate in exciting ways without having to overinvest or spend on costly new product features.

If you’re curious about how to build a network of companies to help your business stand out from the noise…

Well, here’s where our Partner-Led Growth Playbook comes in.

From frameworks and expert tips on establishing the right business relationships to key ecosystem-led metrics to help you make sense of your partner data, our latest playbook aims to answer your questions about whether an ecosystem- or partner-led approach is right. 

Inside, you'll discover:

⭐ What the three pillars of ecosystem-led growth (ELG) are,

⭐ The main ecosystem-led functions that make up your GTM motion,

⭐ The impact each partnership type can have on your overall go-to-market strategy,

Metrics and benchmarks to track your ELG motion's success,

⭐ Plus, some common pitfalls to avoid to make the most out of your partner-led approach.

So, in short, why did we create this playbook?

Easy: to show our community that building a network is a great way to innovate, grow, and remain relevant in an increasingly competitive market.

Ultimately, we want this playbook to showcase that there's a lot of value in partnering with a few (but right!) companies.

And let it be a reminder that long-term, sustainable growth depends on collaboration and community.