This presentation was given by Saurav Sharma, Senior Product Manager at Amazon, at the Product-Led Festival Reloaded.

It's time to talk about bridging the gap between product-led growth (PLG) and sales-led growth (SLG) SaaS models for companies.

Currently, I'm a Senior Product Manager at Amazon, but I have over eight years of experience in product across Amazon, SurveyMonkey, EAB, and eBay.

I also got my MBA from Booth School of Business in Chicago, Illinois.

With that, let's jump into the agenda. We're going to be looking at:

  • The current scenario with PLG and SLG
  • How do you decide which one to use?
  • Bridging the gap between PLG and SLG
  • Strategies and challenges that come with moving from PLG to SLG

The battle between product-led vs. sales-led

From what I’ve experienced, there’s a constant battle between product-led and sales-led. For example, who's getting the right leads in? And who's driving more revenue? This is something that goes on in most companies.