In the pursuit of bringing our community the best and only the best, we host virtual and in-person events that attract some of the top go-to-market industry voices and leaders. 

At these events, members and attendees can participate in hyper-relevant discussions and learn from our event speakers, who share key learnings from their own work. 

Whether you're looking to understand how to better work cross-functionally or discover new GTM tools to use right away, our events leave you with actionable insights to confidently navigate any and all challenges. 

One event speaker, Samantha Rideout, speaks to the value she found in our Los Angeles event and why she found this opportunity enriching and exciting.

Thanks, Samantha, and happy reading!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your work?

I love telling the story of influential and emerging brands. I’ve been a strategic marketing leader for 15 years across Fortune 500, Inc. 5000 fastest-growing, national media, and innovative tech brands. 

I’m currently the product marketing lead at a Series B health tech startup. I believe your health is your wealth, so getting to work in the health space for the past eight years has been important to me. 

Why did you decide to join us as a speaker?

Earlier in my career, I was hyper-focused on deliverables and figuring it all out on my own. When I finally came up for air and started attending professional conferences, I realized how much easier it could be to see (and borrow) the blueprints of others in similar roles. 

Now, in the spirit of paying it forward, I love to share what I’ve learned along the way!

How’d you first hear about our community, and what attracted you to this opportunity?

I’m a superfan of The Alliance. I’ve attended three Product Marketing Summits and am active in the Product Marketing Alliance (PMA) Slack community. I couldn’t wait to get involved when I learned about the Go-to-Market Alliance. 

[As to what attracted me to this opportunity, well] cross-functional collaboration is a constant struggle for product marketers.

Bringing together a diverse group of GTM leaders has the power to break down silos between cross-functional groups. 

Leveraging up-to-the-minute insights and trends from a wide range of leaders has the power to redefine GTM standards and make it easier to go further together.  

What did you enjoy the most about our LA event?

It’s all about the people! Go-to-Market Alliance attracts the most magnetic and well-versed GTM pros. #GTM24 was a cacophony of cross-pollination of ideas and strategies. 

The focus on the future of GTM from the people who are in the thick of it every day was incredible. I’m looking forward to more Go-to-Market Alliance events to learn more about emerging topics (AI and automation were big this year) and hot takes on core GTM subjects like product storytelling, cross-functional collaboration, and growth motions. 

The AI for Go-to-Market Playbook
Through discussions with industry leaders and what they think automated tools will bring to the GTM space, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to help future GTMs embrace change and discover new ways of engaging with AI.

Whether it’s a new trend to unpack or new approaches to traditional elements of GTM work, I love the opportunity to challenge and transform my thinking.

And finally, what do you hope our community can learn from these events?

Remote work can sometimes lend itself to the traditional silos of the functional groups that contribute to GTM work.

Listening to cross-functional leaders share their perspectives allows us to walk a mile in another department’s shoes. Understanding unique pressures and practices across teams creates more empathetic and comprehensive opportunities to work together. 

Not an ambassador but still want to contribute to GTMA?

Well, good news - you absolutely can!

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